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Fortuneswell, PORTLAND Dorset

KWilkie Computer Services


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Whether we like it or not, our PC’s, Laptops, Tablets, and Smart-Phones have become an important and integral part of our lives.

From keeping accounts and budgets in simple spreadsheets, to keeping in touch with our friends and Family via SOCIAL MEDIA sites or Email, we are ALL becoming more and more dependant on INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT) and the various devices that we use on a near daily basis.

Having over 20 years experience working with IT of all types and sizes, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience with both Home PC systems, as well as larger business mainframe computers, servers and networking solutions, giving you the comfort of knowing your Computer systems are in safe hands with us.

Although we can speak IT Techno-babble with the best of them, we pride ourselves on giving outstanding PERSONAL Customer Service, and speaking in plain English (except when dealing with those who want the technical jargon).

We can provide ALL your IT needs, no matter what you are looking for, and because we are only a small business ourselves, we WON’T charge you the earth for it either!

As well as that, we also offer special discounts to SCOUT ASSOCIATION members, and our ‘more mature’ clients who are members of our ‘SILVER SURFERS CLUB’,

So it doesn’t matter if you are old or young, a Home PC user or a Small business, we can cater for ALL your Computer Support requirements.

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